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bathtub refinishing service CA Los Angeles

tub and tile reglazing company California - Los Angeles based processor fix solutions & superior quality tub refinishing.

The Surface Physicians focus on refinishing the following tubs: Steel, Castiron, Porcelain, Fiberglass, Polymer, Plastic.

We offer you a high end look with no high-end cost. We refinish tile and your counter tops, tubs, bathrooms set up making them feel and appear just like new!

These problems can be fixed by tub Refinishing Pros: Obsolete colours Insufficient budget and time for renovation, & finish, Bathtub spots and discolouration,

Unsightly damage, cracks, or chips, Dark & Cracked, moldy lines and leaking fiberglass, Bacteria gathering tile crevices and joins that are laminate, terrazzo Dripping tile & bathtub pans.

Our professional technicians may re-surface countertops, shower, vanity, your bathtub, or flooring with your choice of over 30 custom colours.

We specialize in bath refinishing, countertop refinishing, tile refinishing, and may also recover and refinish antique claw foot tubs.

Sink, almost any bathtub , tile or countertop, whether cultured marble or porcelain, fibreglass can be reconditioned to an authentic, like-new complete by our specific trained technicians.

Call Us 213 948 5729, Astounding Tub Re Finishing CALIF. is offering following areas: Beverly Hillsides, China Town, Artist, Lax, Tiny Tokyo, Melrose, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Extended Beach, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine,Glendale, Huntington Beach, Santa Clarita, Garden Grove, Lancaster, Palmdale, Pomona, Torrance, Lemon , Pasadena, Fullerton, El Monte, Downey,Costa Mesa, Inglewood, West Covina , Norwalk, Burbank, Compton, Southern Gate, Mission Viejo, Carson, Westminster, Santa Monica, Newport Beach, Whittier, Hawthorne, Alhambra, Buena Playground, Lakewood, River Forest, Bellflower, Tustin etc.

Post by verdellharrah (2016-06-20 10:17)

Tags: Bathroom tub and tile re-surfacing Long Beach CA

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